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Synthdrol reviews

SynthDROL Is The #1 Rated Testosterone Booster of 2023

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Overall Rating 98%
SynthDROL comes in the #1 spot for 2023 based on it’s proven formula and money back guarantee. Official Site >>

Zydenafil Review

This Zydenafil review will highlight the pros & cons of this male enhancement supplement and how all of that will translate to a typical user so that you can decide if this is a product that’s right or wrong for you. We’ll go through the positive and negative reviews, as well as breakdown all of the ingredients and how they’ll work when taken together. [Updated for 2020]

Zydenafil’s website states that it’s “An advanced male enhancement solution, containing clinically proven ingredients“. We’ll go through this popular US & European purchased supplement from ingredient A to Z to see if it’s all hype or a waste of money.

  • Price: $37.48 – $69.95
  • Price/Serving: $1.24
  • Official Site: Buy Now
  • Guarantee: 100% Money Back
  • Autoship: None
Overall Rating 74%
Effectiveness 66%
Speed of Results 81%
Ingredient Quality 66%
Long-Term Results 77%
zydenafil ingredients

Zydenafil Table of Contents

What We Like About Zydenafil
  • Contains multiple, scientifically proven ingredients
  • Contains multiple cortisol blockers (stress relievers)
  • Relaxes The Smooth Muscle Tissue (Corpus Cavernosa)
  • Each bottle lasts a full 30 days instead of 15 like other companies
  • Comes with 100% money-back guarantee
  • Made in USA in a GMP & FDA-Registered Facility
What We Don't Like About Zydenafil
  • Doesn’t do as many sales offers as other companies
  • Comes in a slightly large bottle, which is less convenient to store

Zydenafil male enhancement / test booster combo. But does it really work?

  • Uses clinically tested ingredients.
  • Zydenafil uses a combination of male enhancing, t-boosting and stress reducing ingredients.
  • Zydenafil is manufactured in the USA, in an FDA-Registered & GMP-Compliant facility.
  • Easy to take. Only 1 serving per day (2 capsules) with or without food, preferably at the same time each day.
  • Zydenafil comes with a 100% money-back guarantee.
  • Zydenafil does NOT offer customers an auto-ship scam.
zydenafil reviews

Zydenafil Ingredients And How They Work


You’ll typically find this ingredient in pre-workout powders. The weight lifters are always trying to achieve the “pump”. It’s when your muscles are full of blood and oxygen (vasodilation) and start to appear larger

You’ll find it in top-rated male enhancement products for the same reason. Guys just want a “pump and enlargement” in other parts of their bodies rather than their biceps.

L-Arginine is safe to use and consume on a daily basis and is an amino acid.

Eurycoma Longifolia aka Long Jack Root Extract aka Tongkat Ali

It’s a great ingredient, but the biggest problem is that the science community couldn’t land on 1 name. So, you may have heard about the same ingredient, but under a different term.

Eurycoma Longifolia is extremely popular in the “enhancement” product business because it’s not overly expensive and not much is required to see positive results. It’s the 2nd highest ingredient in Zydenafil. So, you’re definitely getting a potent dose!

Some of the effects you’ll see with eurycoma longifolia is an increase in testosterone levels (up to 46%), a boost in stamina, better energy levels, more semen volume, and not to mention that this ingredient starts working fast, compared to others. 

eurycoma longifolia testosterone

Saw Palmetto Extract

Scientists have provided studies showing that saw palmetto extract can potentially slow down the enzyme called 5-alpha reductase. This is extremely important, due to the fact that 5-alpha reductase can have a poor effect on the prostate, which reduces men’s ability to achieve normal erections.

Epimedium (Horny Goat Weed)

Another ingredient with many names. You’ll also hear a different term for horny goat weed “Icariin“. Based on all the studies, the testing concluded that an increase in testosterone was negligible. HOWEVER, there were significant differences in erection size & duration. To be perfectly honest, if you’re researching how to achieve better erections, then we’re sure T-levels may be less of a concern. (1)

Epimedium will likely serve users wanting to achieve better erections than those looking to increase T-levels.

Tribulus Terrestris Extract

We’re not going to sugar-coat it. Tribulus doesn’t do too much for testosterone levels. But it continues to grow in popularity… Why? It’s actually not difficult to explain. While tribulus doesn’t offer much in terms of “long-term results” it happens to offer A LOT of short-term effects

It’s the perfect supplement for a quick, 1-2 hour long boost for guys hitting the gym or hitting the bedroom. Because one things for sure, it helps with erection size, girth, and stamina. Actually, studies have shown the incredible muscle building effects tribulus holds. It’s the same idea as a pre-workout powder, in the sense that those don’t boost testosterone levels, but actually help guys “perform” in the gym. Check out the graph below:

zydenafil review

Muira Puama Extract

One of the largest studies known is for muira pauma extract. Out of nearly 300 test subjects and within only 2 weeks of usage, the overwhelming majority of men noticed an incredibly dynamic effect in their erections when supplementing with muira pauma. Many users of muira pauma take it for the following reasons other than just to achieve better erections:

  • Boost in stamina
  • Increase in strength levels
  • Lower stress levels & decrease cortisol
zydenafil ingredients and reviews

Waynberg, J. (1990). Aphrodisiacs: Contributions to the Clinical Validation of the Traditional Use of Ptychopetalum guyanna. Presented at the First International Congress on Ethnopharmacology, Strasbourg, France.

Zydenafil Dosage and Guidelines:

Zydenafil is meant to be taken by healthy adults, 18 and older. Take 2 capsules each day. Try to be consistent at the time of day that you take Zydenafil. Each bottle of Zydenafil lasts a full 30 days if used as directed. 

Zydenafil is a powerful supplement and builds in your system over time. Some ingredients work immediately, whereas other ingredients continue to build and become more potent over time. Zydenafil typically takes 3-5 weeks to completely work and saturate in your system.

Does Zydenafil Do Autoship Programs?

No, Zydenafil does NOT offer any type of autoship programs. These programs are often difficult to cancel or dispute with your credit card company and Zydenafil will never store your credit card or other payment information.

Zydenafil Pricing:

1 bottle: $69.95 (30 day supply)

2 bottles + free shipping: $129.95 (60 day supply) – Most popular

3 bottles + 1 free: $149.95 (120 day supply) – Incredible value

Zydenafil Side Effects: PRO's

  • Increase Blood Flow Directly To The Penis
  • Longer, Thicker, And Harder Erections
  • Better Control With Erections
  • Higher T-Levels
  • Decrease In Estrogen Levels
  • More Powerful Orgasms
  • More Confidence & Self Esteem

Zydenafil Side Effects: CON's

  • Takes a few weeks for main ingredients to reach peak levels
  • Higher sex drive (this is only negative if your partner can’t match your new sex drive) 

Conclusion on Zydenafil

Zydenafil is a straight up male enhancement product. It contains some decent T-boosting ingredients. But it really shines as a fast-working supplement for the bedroom and has all of the best ingredients to back it up. Based on the ingredients and user reviews, we recommend trying it since the makers of Zydenafil offer a 100% money back guarantee.

To Read More About Zydenafil & To See Current Pricing, Click Here:

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