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Synthdrol reviews
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ZMA JYM: Testosterone Support for Men and Women

ZMA JYM is a testosterone boosting supplement made for both men and women. ZMA is a nickname made for the combination of zinc, magnesium, and Vitamin B6. This product was created by JYM Supplement Science and is designed to be taken at night. It claims to maintain optimal hormone levels and enhance muscular strength.

Product Name: ZMA JYM
Who makes it? JYM Supplement Science
What is it? A nighttime testosterone boosting supplement.
Basic function? This supplement claims to help people’s immune function, maximize muscle strength, and support recovery.
Recommended? This product is somewhat recommended. If you are on a low budget and have a deficiency in zinc or magnesium this product can help raise your mineral levels back to normal.
Where is it available? This product can be purchased online from websites such as or

  • Price: $18.38
  • Price/Serving: $0.61
  • Official Site:Buy Now
  • Guarantee: No
Overall Rating 69%
Effectiveness 68%
Speed of Results 66%
Ingredient Quality 72%
Long-Term Results 71%

Why Do You Need a Testosterone Booster?

First let’s talk about why you would want a testosterone booster. Of course bodybuilders and athletes love these types of products. But, normal people can use a little boost in testosterone too. 

Testosterone is important to everyone. It plays a key role in multiple functions in the body, especially for men. It can increase muscle and bone strength, improve sex drive, enhance mood/quality of life, and it can support memory and thinking abilities. Getting less fat and more muscle is enough of an argument for most people to jump on board. But all of these benefits are needed and can help you in your day to day life. 

Can a simple ZMA supplement boost your testosterone enough to meet all of these claims? Only the ingredients can back that up, so let’s look into them a little bit further. 


ZMA JYM Ingredients:

One of my favorite things about this supplement is how transparent they are with their ingredients. All of the active ingredients are listed with the amount found in 3 capsules combined.

Vitamin B6-10.5mg (618%DV)

For people with low testosterone, Vitamin B6 can potentially be the key they’ve been searching for. This vitamin is a big part of processing carbs, fats, and proteins from the foods that you eat. B6 is also known to help produce testosterone, which is why it is commonly found in this type of product. When the body is deficient in B6 it produces more estrogen. Making it extra important to get enough of this vitamin in your diet. 

Although human trials have yet to prove significant changes or hard evidence of B6 increasing testosterone by itself, it has been proven in rats. A study was done with rats to test the effects of this vitamin on their testosterone levels. The rats were restricted from consuming Vitamin B6 for 4 weeks. This caused a severe deficiency in Vitamin B6, which led to lower than average testosterone levels. Researchers concluded that Vitamin B6 is necessary for proper testosterone production. It is speculated that if humans are deficient in Vitamin B6 and it is causing low testosterone levels, then adding it through supplementation can bring testosterone levels back to normal. (1)

Magnesium-450mg (107%)

If you have a deficiency in magnesium, it may be negatively impacting your testosterone levels. Magnesium has been found to improve testosterone levels in those who are deficient in this mineral. This effect can be increased when it is combined with resistance training and exercise. Magnesium can also help the body with protein synthesis and optimizing muscle function. This mineral is also relied on for this supplements claim to help people fall asleep more quickly and sleep more deeply. However, if the dose isn’t exactly right for you, it can have the opposite effect.

Clinical research can easily be found on this subject. In one study, researchers split participants up into 3 groups: Group 1-lived a sedentary lifestyle and took 10 mg of magnesium a day, Group 2-practiced athletically 90-120 minutes daily and took 10 mg of magnesium a day, and Group 3-practiced athletically 90-120 minutes everyday and had no magnesium supplementation. The scientists concluded that exercise increased testosterone levels when compared to the subjects who were sedentary. It was also found that magnesium supplementation increased testosterone levels in both athletes and sedentary participants. But, those who exercised had a much larger increase than the group that was sedentary. (3)

Zinc-30mg (273%)

100 is a big number, right? Well, this mineral is being used in over 100 enzyme reactions in your body. The favorite of these reactions (for gym junkies) is zinc’s ability to help your body and muscles recover from intense workouts. It can also boost testosterone levels in individuals who have low testosterone as a result of a zinc deficiency. 

A study was done to prove its testosterone assisting abilities with 40 men. A zinc deficiency was induced by the restriction of its dietary intake. Participants received supplementation before and after the induced deficiency. Each of their testosterone levels were measured before, after, and during the deficiency as well. Researchers found that the zinc and testosterone levels were directly correlated. It was concluded that zinc is needed for men to have normal testosterone levels. Another takeaway from this is that if a man is deficient in testosterone due to a deficiency in zinc, then zinc supplementation can help bring his testosterone levels back to normal. (4)

Black Pepper-5mg

This is included as the patented form of BioPerine. It has gained recent popularity among supplements for its ability to increase bioavailability. Bioavailability is the proportion of a drug, vitamin, mineral, etc. that is able to enter into circulation and be used by the body. So, essentially, this ingredient makes the rest of the formula more effective. 

In order to prove this, a group of scientists did a study with human volunteers. They used curcumin as a base to test how piperine would affect its bioavailability. All subjects were given 2g of curcumin. When testing the serum levels, researchers found that they were very low or undetectable. They ran the same test, except this time participants were also given 20mg of piperine. The bioavailability was increased and the absorption was extended for a longer period of time. (2)

How ZMA JYM Works:

This supplement works by combining zinc, magnesium, and vitamin B6 to enhance testosterone production. A lot of people, especially men, are deficient in zinc or magnesium. Because both minerals are important to testosterone production, this deficiency could be leading them to have low levels of testosterone. Adding supplementation of zinc and magnesium can help bring testosterone levels back to normal, if a deficiency is the cause. 

Similarly, if you are deficient in B6 it can be causing negative side effects. B6 deficiencies and lead to excess estrogen production. Supplementation of Vitamin B6 can help bring estrogen levels back to normal. When you add black pepper to the mix it helps everything else be absorbed better into your body. This helps your body be able to utilize as much of the formula as possible.

ZMA JYM As a Testosterone Booster:

When it comes to raising testosterone levels, ZMA’s in general aren’t super effective. They work best for people who have deficiencies in one or more of the ingredients. One major selling point for them is that they are a lot cheaper than higher quality products. Typically products that are super effective contain more expensive ingredients, thus raising their prices. 

When compared to other ZMA’s, this one does have BioPerine, which can help it be more effective than others. While the ingredient amounts are similar to most other ZMA formulas, the black pepper can enhance the effects. BioPerine helps the other ingredients be better absorbed. So, while the amount is the same as other brands, the amount absorbed is assumed to be greater in ZMA JYM. 

What Is The Best Way To Take ZMA JYM?

The bottle recommends you take different amounts based on your gender. Men are directed to take 3 capsules each night and women are told to take 2. Capsules should be taken about 30-60 minutes before you go to bed. The creators recommend taking it on an empty stomach for best results.

ZMA JYM Side Effects:

ZMA JYM is made of natural ingredients, so side effects should be minimal. Customers with a verified purchase on amazon reported that this product gave them headaches, insomnia, nausea, and fatigue. These side effects are common for people receiving too high of an intake of the included vitamin and minerals. 

The bottle also states, “The product contains a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm.” So those are also potential side effects that could come from the use of this product. These reactions are much more severe and should be considered seriously before the use or purchase of this product.

  • Transparency with ingredients
  • Low cost
  • Made for women and men
  • Only has 4 ingredients 
  • Lower price usually means lower quality
  • Too high of doses with these ingredient can cause side effects

ZMA JYM Customer Reviews:

We take the best and the worst reviews from people with a verified purchase on This way you can see what real people are saying about this product. 


5/5 stars- “This stuff is amazing for getting great sleep”

“This stuff is amazing for getting great sleep. I haven’t had dreams very often since I was a kid but hardly go a night without them now. My energy level is significantly better and more consistent throughout the day as well.”

5/5 stars- “Good buy”

“Quality product. Improved sleep on training days. Not a chemist so I didn’t lab test it to make sure the ingredients lined up to exactly what the label said, but I also didn’t die- so I can conclude it is NOT poison.”

5/5 stars- “Sweet dreams”

“They arent lying the dreams are awesome with this. I feel like im in high school for dreaming again. Also been using for about a month and Ive seen a noticeable difference but that might just be me at the gym.”


1/5 stars- “Extreme headache and feeing of being hungover”

“Tried this for 3 nights and it was absolutely awful. Restless sleep, very groggy the next day as if I drank all night, and one of the worst headaches I have ever had. I have tried many supplements over the years and can safely say this one was the absolute worse. Supposed to aid in sleep but did the complete opposite. Wasted my next day feeing nauseous, with a splitting headache and fatigue. Would never recommend to anyone.”

1/5 stars- “Save your money 💰”

“Not really sure about this product? Every-time I take it I wake up with a headache and I often wake up in the middle of night after taking this. I used to be a fan of the jym line however I feel the quality has gone down hill!”

1/5 stars- “Not the answer for me”

“I was extremely excited to try this product as I’ve been looking at ZMA for over a year after having a hard time getting out of bed and struggling to go to bed. After 10 hours of sleep I shouldn’t be tired right? This product actually made it harder to go to sleep and I woke up to pee about 3 times a night. Very disappointed with this product and I would not recommend. Started Intermittent Fasting after product and it completely changed my life and energy levels if anyone else has similar experiences. I do a 16/8 on a normal healthy non keto diet and have never felt better. Glad I found my answer but mad I wasted money on a supplement.” 

ZMA JYM Bottom Line:

ZMA JYM isn’t a bad product. This product contains natural ingredients that are safe to consume. It is possible that the ZMA formula can potentially help boost testosterone, but there are other supplements/ingredients that can help more. The ZMA formula alone is somewhat just a small portion of a multivitamin. It does have the unique aspect of adding BioPerine, which makes it easier for your body to absorb the other ingredients. It is also very cheap, especially for women. Unfortunately, if you want a high quality product, you will need to pay the high quality prices.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost? One bottle of ZMA JYM can be purchased online from for $18.38. This is very cheap for this type of product.

How long does each bottle last? Each bottle contains 90 capsules, which will last 30 days for men and 45 days for women. The length of which it lasts is different because men are directed to take 3 capsules each night and women are told to take 2.

Who is it for? Anyone who is 18 years or older and not pregnant. If you have any medical conditions or take any medications, consult your doctor before starting. 

To Read More About ZMA JYM & To See Current Pricing, Click Here:


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