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VasoSTAM Review

VasoSTAM has an interesting set of ingredients that we initially weren’t really phased about, nor did we care too much to look into. It took a lot of research to see the mechanisms which allows these ingredients to work synergistically and effectively.

Their official site states that VasoSTAM is a “Natural male enhancement, for longer, firmer erections, and the best sex of your life”. We’re going to dive straight into VasoSTAM to see if it can hold up to it’s high ratings that many websites rank it.

  • Price: $29.95 – $69.95
  • Price/Serving: $0.99
  • Official Site: Buy Now
  • Guarantee: 100% Money Back
  • Autoship: None
Overall Rating 97%
Effectiveness 98%
Speed of Results 94%
Ingredient Quality 97%
Long-Term Results 97%

VasoSTAM Table of Contents

What We Like About VasoSTAM
  • Contains multiple, scientifically proven ingredients
  • Transparent label, meaning that they show exactly what’s in it. (no blends!)
  • Contains a powerful cortisol blockers (stress relievers)
  • Drastically boosts sexual performance and increases erection size & duration
  • Each bottle lasts a full 30 days instead of 15 like other companies
  • Comes with 100% money-back guarantee
  • Made in USA
What We Don't Like About VasoSTAM
  • Cost is slightly higher, but it’s understandable since it contains stress-reducers, enhancement ingredients and multiple test boosters (3 in 1 product)
  • Comes in a slightly large bottle, which is less convenient to store
  • Couldn’t find an ‘overnight’ shipping option on their sales site

New VasoSTAM test booster / male enhancement combo. But does it really work?

  • Uses clinically tested & dosed ingredients in each serving. (We’ll get into the ingredients in a moment)
  • VasoSTAM uses a combination of test-boosting, male enhancing, and stress reducing ingredients.
  • VasoSTAM is manufactured in the USA, in an FDA-Registered & GMP-Compliant facility.
  •  Easy to take. Only 1 serving per day (2 capsules) with or without food. The interesting thing here is that VasoSTAM uses extracts, which are significantly more powerful than a normal powder. This allows for the need to only consume 2 capsules, rather than 6-8 pills each day.
  • VasoSTAM comes with a 100% money-back guarantee.

What's In VasoSTAM That Makes It More Effective Than Other Products?

Vitamin D

Close to 70% of the world’s population is deficient in vitamin D. Muscle deficiency, cardiovascular problems, as well as bone & muscle pain can be directly correlated to low vitamin D levels.

VasoSTAM uses the clinically tested amount of vitamin D, which is not only incredibly healthy for your body, but is absolutely imperative for hormone function and even increases testosterone levels by 25%. The tested & proven amount is 87mcg or 3,332 IU

Vitamin B3 (Niacin)

Studies have shown that men with high chol. levels or issues with erectile dysfunction can greatly benefit from using niacin on a daily basis. However, “niacin flush” can be extremely uncomfortable. If you haven’t experienced it, it turns your skin red and you get very, very itchy. 

Not to worry with VasoSTAM. They use 50mg of niacin in each dose, which is just effective enough without causing any sort of discomfort. The effect you’re looking for with niacin (vitamin b3) is better blood flow. It’s an ingredient that can also be found in pre-workout powders.

Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine HCI)

Yes, of course B6 drastically helps with hormone function and increasing testosterone levels. However, to just glaze over all of the other benefits that B6 helps with would be an injustice. Vitamin B6 is incredibly important for better brain function, such as memory, cognitive functionality, and natural energy levels. 

Vitamin B6 influences testosterone production by increasing more of a demand from androgens. When a man lacks the proper levels of vitamin B6, the worst thing can happen, which is a boost in estrogen levels. It may seem insignificant, but B6 is incredibly important!


Men that are deficient in magnesium and started a supplementation regimen have seen a complete 180 in their sex lives and testosterone production. Magnesium is absolutely essential for both the endocrine and nervous systems for better sexual performance.


There are over 100 chemical processes in the human body. Zinc is essential for the production of test in the body. It’s even needed by women for better sexual function too. Zinc has even been known as an aphrodisiac. Studies have shown that a supplementation of zinc on a daily basis increased free testosterone levels in men.

ZMA, ever heard of it?

Although you don’t directly see it on the supplement facts panel, VasoSTAM contains a mix of ingredients that create a ZMA formula. This combination is very popular for recovery, muscle growth, better stamina, and the list goes on. It’s a “vitamin cocktail” that every active man should take.

vasostam ingredients
Chromium as Chromium Picolinate

Nope, this ingredient doesn’t do much for testosterone levels (directly). So, why would it be here? You’ll actually find that with a few ingredients in VasoSTAM. But they’re absolutely imperative. One of the BIGGEST testosterone killers is stress. So, while Chromium doesn’t directly affect test levels, it indirectly helps by reducing stress levels, helps control blood sug. levels, lowers chol. levels, and even helps metabolize carbohydrates.

Tribulus Terrestris Extract

Tribulus has been around for 1,000’s of years, where it was predominately used in traditional Chinese & Indian medicines. However, the science is a little fuzzy. Does it increase testosterone or doesn’t it? You’ll read extremely biased information for it and against it.

Here’s the real truth on tribulus – No, it doesn’t offer any long-term testosterone effects. BUT, it does absolutely offer a quick boost in libido in both men & women. It has actually shown to boost muscle mass too. Our research tells us that it’s more of a “pre-workout / pre-sexual intercourse” supplement. The effects only last an hour or two, but for the majority of men & women out there, that should be plenty of time!

Maca Root Extract

Aphrodisiac, check. Stress reliever, check. Estrogen regulator, check. Energy increaser, check. Another great ingredient that doesn’t directly increase testosterone, but does a great job of creating the perfect storm of getting your body stress-free and reducing cortisol levels.

It’s recent rise in popularity is from men that switch from synthetic hormones over to Maca root and are enjoying many of the same benefits, but don’t have to deal with the hassle of going to a doctor or getting a weekly shot in the butt.

Korean Red Ginseng

It’s “Korean”, but it’s used all over the world. Korean Red Ginseng is an extremely expensive ingredient and not found in very many products at all. Especially not at the dosage that VasoSTAM offers. 

One of the biggest benefits that Korean red ginseng offers is it’s N.O. effects. Which, essentially works by opening up and expanding the blood levels so that more blood and oxygen can get to parts of your body. So yes, this is an extremely important ingredient for use in increasing penis size and girth.

Long Jack Root Extract (Tongkat Ali)

This is a fairly popular ingredient to add to any test-boosting or male-enhancing product. It’s not overly expensive and not much is required to see positive results.

Some of the effects you’ll see with an appropriate dosage of longjack is an increase in T-levels (up to 46%), a boost in stamina, better energy levels, more semen volume, and not to mention that this ingredient starts working quickly.

Gotu Kola
If you do a quick internet search for Gotu Kola, you’ll run into the same “issue” as a few of the other ingredients as VasoSTAM. They don’t directly increase T-levels or do much “enhancing” of sorts. But here’s what you’ll find for this extraordinary ingredient:
  • Better cognitive function
  • Studies on Gotu Kola’s anxiety & stress-reducing properties
  • Reduction of joint pain
  • Help with depression
  • Help with insomnia

If you feel like you need help in the bedroom, it’s very, very likely you’re experiencing at least 1 or more of the issues mentioned above.

Pine Bark Extract (Pycnogenol)

We’re getting down to the ingredients that really separate VasoSTAM from the cheap products out there. Pine bark extract is a long-term ingredient. It can take up to 3 months to saturate in your blood, but the effects are really something else!

The studied and proven amount of pine bark extract is 40mg per day, which is the exact amount used in VasoSTAM. Test subjects saw a completely different change in their bodies after a few months of daily supplementation of pine bark extract. Daily usage led to vastly harder erections and more frequent erections.

Saffron Powder

If you cook, then you’ve likely come across this ingredient as a requirement in a recipe or two. However, once you get to the grocery store, you may have changed your mind once you saw the price tag attached the ingredient. Saffron is incredibly expensive and RARELY added to any supplement, especially not the clinically tested 30mg, which is the exact amount in VasoSTAM.

173 test subjects helped conclude that saffron is exceptional for sexual health for both men & women. It contains “R.X. like” properties and effects.

vasostam reviews
VasoSTAM Dosage and Guidelines:

VasoSTAM is meant to be taken by healthy adults, 18 and older. Take 2 capsules each day. Try to be consistent at the time of day that you take VasoSTAM. Each bottle of VasoSTAM lasts a full 30 days if used as directed. 

VasoSTAM is a powerful supplement and builds in your system over time. Some ingredients work immediately, whereas other ingredients continue to build and become more potent over time. VasoSTAM typically takes 4-6 weeks to completely work and saturate in your system.

Does VasoSTAM Do Autoship Programs?

No, VasoSTAM does NOT offer any type of autoship programs. These programs are often difficult to cancel or dispute with your credit card company and VasoSTAM will never keep your credit card information.

VasoSTAM Pricing:

1 bottle: $69.95 (30 day supply)

2 bottles +1 free: $129.95 (90 day supply) – Most popular

3 bottles +2 free: $149.95 (150 day supply) – Incredible value

VasoSTAM Side Effects: PRO's
  • Drastic increase in penis size and girth
  • Decrease in stress levels
  • Boost in testosterone levels
  • Longer erection duration and sexual ability
  • Increase in vascularity and better muscle pumps in the gym
  • Decrease in estrogen levels
VasoSTAM Side Effects: CON's
  • Takes a few weeks for main ingredients to reach peak levels
  • Higher sex drive (this is only negative if your partner can’t match your new sex drive) 
Conclusion on VasoSTAM

VasoSTAM takes all the best ingredients on the market for increasing erection size and stamina, lowerering cortisol levels (reducing stress) and boosting testosterone levels and their correct, clinically tested amounts to create a very well rounded product. With the available estrogen blockers in it, this supplement is a winner in our books. Not to mention that every single order comes with 0 financial risk since VasoSTAM offers a 100% money back guarantee.

To Read More About VasoSTAM & To See Current Pricing, Click Here:

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